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Taiwan struck by 7.7 magnitude earthquake

Photo courtesy of AP

A 7.7-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan, causing power outages, collapsing buildings, landslides, and tsunami warnings in southern Japan and the Philippines.

This is Taiwan’s strongest earthquake in 25 years, hitting the tourist city of Hualien at 7:58 AM on April 3. The quake killed four people and injured at least 50 people as of this writing.

The first floor of a huge five-story building in Hualien City collapsed, causing the structure to lean at a 45-degree angle.

According to Taiwan’s Centre for Science and Technology (CST), many train lines, schools, and workplaces were also damaged across the city.

One of these is the Dachingsui tunnel, where many people and vehicles were reported to be trapped underground.

CST later reported that Taiwan experienced over 15 aftershocks with a magnitude of over 4.0, but these have been receding.

Camille Quirino

Camille Quirino is a Junior Writer at The Filipino Times, passionate about sharing the stories of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). She previously contributed to Magic 89.9 and various TV productions and finds fulfillment in crafting compelling narratives that shed light on the experiences of OFWs. Outside of work, Camille enjoys playing the ukulele and meeting new people to hear their stories. She believes everyone has a unique narrative worth sharing and is dedicated to capturing these stories in her writing. Reach Camille at [email protected].

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