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Translation error: Airline offers ‘dog food’ on menu

Courtesy: Conrad Wu/Facebook

A menu offered by an international airline sparked controversy as it included a “dog food” option, which is reportedly a translation error.

One passenger named Conrad Wu took to Facebook his confusion about an airline’s business class menu. In the posted photo, the list of appetizers includes beef, seafood, and soup dishes. However, among the starters is named “imported dog food with okra.”

“What exactly is it?” Wu wrote in his caption.

As of writing, the post has garnered over a thousand reactions and hundreds of comments and shares.

Netizens were quick to poke fun at this apparent translation blunder, suggesting that the airline treats its passengers like dogs.

“They treat you as a dog not human,” Facebook user Jeffrey Yeung commented.

“Must be a hot dog?” another user questioned.

“The consequences of Google translate,” netizen Coleman So expressed.

The airline has yet to release a statement clarifying what the dish really is. According to The Independent, it has already reached out to the operator to explain the issue.

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