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Enjoy a new line of delectable Korean products at WEMART

WEMART, our favorite Asian gourmet supermarket, is once again doing us a favor of bringing in a wide selection of Korean products in their stores, allowing us to enjoy our well-loved Korean goodies without having to travel out of the country.

Trends from Korea have influenced many Filipinos and residents in the UAE – from immersive K-dramas, catchy K-pop music, and of course the irresistible Korean food!

Good news for all lovers of Korea out there — WEMART is launching a new line of Korean products that everyone will surely love and will surely satisfy your taste buds.

WEMART’s Korean selection includes tasty snacks such as WANG Seasoned Seaweed, WANG Seasoned Seaweed Green Tea Flavour, SURASANG Korean Cracker Bongbong, SURASANG Korean Cracker Oranda, SURASANG Korean Cracker Seaweed Flavour, SURASANG Korean Cracker Peanut Flavour, and refreshing drinks like ANG Non-Carbonated Soft Drink with Aloe Vera Mango Flavour and WANG Non-Carbonated Soft Drink with Aloe Vera Strawberry Flavour.

Aside from these, customers will also get to enjoy savory Korean sauces and condiments like WANG Black Bean Paste Bokkum Chajang, WANG Hot Pepper Paste (Gochujang), and SEMPIO Soy Sauce; noodles and soup bases such as WANG Noodle Soup Bowl Seafood Flavour, WANG Korean Style Stir-Fried Noodle Extreme Spicy, WANG Soup Base for Seafood Hot Pot, and WANG Soup Base for Kimchi Hot Pot; and other food items like WANG NAPA Cabbage Kimchi (Byeong Kimchi), WANG Sliced Rice Cake, WANG Dried Noodles for Udon, and SURASANG Tempura Powder.

WEMART is committed to bringing customers the best quality Korean products at an affordable price. You no longer need to travel to Korea to experience the authentic flavors of Korean cuisine. Simply visit any branch of WEMART and enjoy a taste of Korea at home.

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