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Celebrate and Enjoy Home with Nutri-Asia

Nutri-Asia, the foremost manufacturer of sauces and condiments in the Philippines, is an integral everyday part of Filipinos everywhere. Its iconic brands, Datu Puti, UFC, Silver Swan, Mang Tomas, Jufran among others, are household staples in every Filipino kitchen all over the world as they continue to captivate the hearts and appetite, the moods and soul of Pinoys globally.

True to this, Nutri-Asia continue to bring its well-loved condiments to all parts of the world; in the Middle East particularly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These products provide Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) a sense of comfort, of belongingness, attachment, inclusion, of being home, while working and living far away from their loved ones.

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Delightful Meals, True Premium, Authentic

What OFWs love that endear them to Nutri-Asia’s products are the brand’s ability to create truly delightful meals, made more “masarap, masaya” as it is colored with love, fun, and excitement, just like the quintessential  taste of every home-cooked Filipino dish – adobo, menudo, afritada, caldereta, humba, to name a few. Nutri-Asia’s range of products are bursting with a world of flavors that simply captures and complements the essence of true premium and authentic Filipino cuisine, even Asian dishes with its wide range of sauces.

The preference of Filipinos to use Nutri-Asia’s products in any of their cooking and meal occasion is entrenched in its ability to impart the distinct flavors Pinoys crave in every eating moment. In the UAE, these products are available on the shelves of local supermarkets.

Datu Puti established the standard taste of condiments in the Philippines with its “delicious sourness” or “mukhasim-sarap.” Its quality and superior taste made it a trusted household name and an indispensable partner in creating great-tasting dishes for the family.

UFC’s “tamis anghang” catsup is the perfect partner for any fried dish as it combines an appetizingly sweet taste with a kick of chili. Not only that, UFC’s spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and ready-to-use sauces exude the perfect blend and fusion of taste and flavors that meld in a gastronomic delight, which Filipinos love.

Silver Swan consistently delivers a perfectly balanced taste “tamang linamnam” to every dish that Filipino families enjoy. Its wide range of condiments is sure to satisfy your taste buds and crave even more.

Mang Tomas’ unique flavor of sauces and condiments are enjoyed by all Filipinos as it  invigorates ordinary everyday fare to gavyliciously special   simple meals to extraordinary dishes.

In the UAE, Filipinos continue to look for the genuine taste of quality they have grown accustomed to, which Nutri-Asia’s products can only provide, despite the presence of other local products and brands in the market.

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Masarap, Masaya Basta Nutri-Asia

But Nutri-Asia is not just about producing or gratifying people’s taste with the best flavors. They are also about building a community of happy people who take immense pride and feel a great sense of joy celebrating and sharing their cultural culinary heritage and experiences wherever they are. Nutri-Asia is because Pinoys are.

Unwavering with its commitment, Nutri-Asia promises to further enrich and bring joy to every meal experience, wherever you are in the world.  Indeed, masarap, masaya basta Nutri-Asia because with Nutri-Asia, you have “happy people, great meals, anytime, anywhere!”

Visit your nearest supermarket now and get your hands on your favorite Nutri-Asia products.

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