Sharon, Sara Duterte ‘bicker’ over CLOY star Hyun Bin

Megastar Sharon Cuneta returned to Instagram last week, fangirling Korean actor Hyun Bin, the lead star of the popular Netflix series Crash Landing On You.
“Hello everyone! How’ve you all been? I hope all’s been well with you all. Me, still resting, getting myself back together, and by God’s grace, getting better every day. Also, someone crashlanded into my heart really hard. And now we are in a Secret Garden. LOL. Is this it, Gong Yoo? Hyun Bin, my heeeaaaaarrrt… #dimples #thatsmile #thatface #darnjustthisman,” Cuneta wrote last March 13, posting a studio-shot photo of Hyun Bin

Upon seeing this, Davao City Mayor Sara ‘Inday’ Duterte sent a private message to the Megastar.
What follows are a series of hilarious bickerings exchanged between two famous Filipino women over the 37-year Korean hunk.
“Ate Sharon, I hope you are well, I just wanted you to know na hindi na kayo pwede ni Hyun Bin ha. Please get out of the way.” the presidential daughter said.
Then she sent a photoshopped photo of her embracing Hyun Bin followed by a LOL sticker.

Sharon replied: “Inday naman huwaaaag!!! Gagawa ako ng paraan makarating sa Seoul magpapahawa na lang ako ng COVID basta alam ko nandun sya somewhere! Ibalato mo na guid sa akin! Lab mo ako eh di ba?! Si Goo Yoo bigay ko sayoooo!!! Hahahahaha.”
Cuneta is referring to Gong Yoo who is another popular Korean actor who stars in the popular Koreanovela “Goblin.
“Ayoko kay Robin. Hyun Bin akooooooo!!” the Megastar quipped.
It is not clear if Sharon was referring to Robin Padilla, her former boyfriend and co-star in movie “Maging Sino Ka Man.”
The mayor sent a sticker of a stern-looking man gesturing talk-to-the-hand with a big “No.
“Hyun Bin mine,” she stressed, then followed again with a laughing cat GIF.
Megastar wouldn’t budge and sent stickers of black-hearted “Mine” and a bear stuffing this gift to his arm. Then texted, “NO (Para mo nang away, unfair ang laban eh!)!!!”
Sharon said she asked Mayor Sara’s permission to share their funny banter on her Instagram account. “I asked my sister Mayor Inday Sara D. if I could post these. Ang hiram naan karibal tong si Inday o!”
The Instagram post, however, was deleted as of today. Entertainment portals like fashionpulis.com were able to screengrab the posts.
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