Nadine Lustre denies break up rumors, calls out Ricky Lo

Actress Nadine Lustre broke her silence and dispelled rumors about her alleged break-up with boyfriend James Reid.
Lustre likewise called out editor and columnist Ricky Lo who also wrote an article about the supposed break-up.
“First off, that was so low,” the actress wrote on her Instagram story.
“Second, none of what you said was true and it is never okay to use someone’s mental situation/tragic past just to prove a point. Mental illness is a very sensitive matter.” she added.
Lo wrote that the Pep report on the couple’s break up was true and not fake news. Lo even added that Lustre moved to a Makati posh condo after living with Reid for two years.
“Was it a case of ‘too much, too soon’…too much togetherness and too soon to be living together?” Lo added.
“James is handling the break-up with care to cushion the impact on Nadine who has admitted grappling with mental illness,” Lo also wrote which is included in the print edition but deleted in the online version.
The columnist also mentioned the death of the actress’ brother.

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