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Off the Hook: Capturing UAE’s seafood cravings

From its humble beginnings in 2016, Off the Hook has caught the eyes and tastes of the UAE community who yearn for delicious, fresh seafood for the past six years.

Their classic “kamayan” experience is inspired by the Louisiana style of eating with their signature OTH Special Sauce has since spawned similar seafood menu offerings across the country – and here’s why Filipinos and even UAE residents keep on coming back.

Off the Hook attributes this to their continuous drive to develop their seafood offerings to the market – the latest of which is introducing their very own take on the cheesy Thermidor, available in Prawns and Lobster.

“The concept of Off the Hook suits the preference of the majority of the UAE people when it comes to seafood. We are known for having a French-American Creole cuisine which also stands out in the market competition. Moreover, we have a wide variety of sauces that they can choose from which you cannot find in our competitors. We have the quality catches when it comes to sizes, freshness and of course, the fun-dining service experience. We set the mark to provide international service standards, to be able to deliver a world-class service experience for our diners,” said Raffy Divina, Operations Manager at Off the Hook.

With over 12 branches in the UAE, Off the Hook plans to expand further with another branch in Fujairah as well as their first international expansion in Qatar. They hope that more Filipinos and expats will get to try their delicious seafood meals with a variety of sauces available for everyone to enjoy.

“For those Filipinos who are new and have yet to try our foods, please visit any of our 12 branches in the UAE and enjoy the unique taste of seafood mixed with our best-flavored sauces and experience a fun-dining with your friends or families. I am also encouraging them to patronize and support Filipino-owned businesses in the UAE,” said Rolly Brucales, Managing Partner and Owner of Off the Hook.

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