Comply to beat COVID-19

The UAE authorities have ramped up their monitoring on residents who do not comply with the preventive measures against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), as curfew restrictions were lifted.
This came following the increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases that overtook the number of recoveries over the weekend.
After three months, the country announced on June 24 that the National Disinfection Programme had ended.
Last June 27 alone, many of UAE’s citizens and residents were apprehended for not observing measures and protocols in place. Majority of those who had been arrested during the first weekend after the movement restriction was lifted were individuals who didn’t wear face masks, failed to comply with social distancing measures, and organized public and private gatherings.
“Since completion of the National Disinfection Programme, the relevant authorities have observed a significant increase in the number of violations of the preventative measures. Such reckless behavior will work against the preventative measures, which have been so important in helping to control the spread of the virus,” said Acting Director of the Federal Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution Salem Al Zaabi.
Top violations revealed
Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, official spokesperson of the UAE Government, stated that while the government is working ceaselessly to find ways to make more efficient means to curb the spread of the virus, the public is equally responsible to do their bit, as the battle against this unseen enemy requires utmost adherence and obedience to public health and safety measures.
“With the gradual return to normalcy, the responsibility is now more on UAE citizens and residents to comply with the instructions and measures aimed at ensuring the continued success of all the efforts made. The UAE’s wise leadership continues to provide the necessary means to combat COVID-19,” said Dr. Al Shamsi.
Al Zaabi warned that violators will be subject to legal accountability and will be fined as per the law.
Al Zaabi stressed the need to wear either medical or cloth masks at public spaces, office buildings, private and public transport, and densely crowded areas including commercial centers and the streets.
Social distancing is also a must for the public to avoid direct physical contact with one another especially at restaurants, beaches, swimming pools, and other communal areas.
“As per the Attorney General’s decision, the fine will be doubled for those found to be repeating the violation. Third time offenders will be subject to legal action and could face imprisonment for a period of up to six months and an increased fine of Dh100,000,” warned Al Zaabi.
We are all responsible
Dr. Al Shamsi recognized that while the transition towards the new normal has its own set of challenges, considering that COVID-19 can easily spread if left unchecked.
“Despite the successes that have been made, the current situation is beset with challenges; as the novel coronavirus is evidently capable of spreading, which means that the failure to ensure physical distancing and adhering to other precautionary measures, especially in public areas, may result in negative consequences for individuals and wider society,” said Dr. Al Shamsi.
The UAE government’s official spokesperson called on the public to help the UAE heal and stop the spread, citing that the country is in its transitional phase towards the new normal. Cooperation, she said, is the key that would aid the UAE to completely flatten the COVID-19 curve.
“We are in a critical period that requires enhanced awareness and increased cooperation from all community members. As we are gradually returning to normal, it is the responsibility of every citizen and resident to continue to follow precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of society. Everyone in the UAE, with the help of the state departments, has to take full responsibility to protect all citizens and residents of the UAE,” said Dr. Al Shamsi.

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