Last day of VAT-free shopping in UAE

On the last day of the year, residents all over the UAE rush to malls, supermarkets, and shopping centers to take advantage of the last day of VAT-free shopping.

Tomorrow, January 1, will mark the first day of implementation of the 5% value added tax to most products and commodities in the UAE.

Many shoppers, especially those with big families, decided to stock up their homes with every essential they can think of.

From toiletries to non-perishable goods, many residents took this last day opportunity to buy more items than what they would usually buy.

Shoppers also took this time to buy clothes and other fashion items.

Gadgets and jewelries are some of the most-bought items. Many shoppers decided to buy laptops, televisions, phones, and other electronic items because starting tomorrow, prices for these items would increase by hundreds to thousands of dirhams.

Shopping for gold was also on the rise over the last two weeks

Aside from the fact that today is the last day of VAT-free shopping, numerous mega sales, promos, and ongoing shopping festivals also encourage shoppers to buy different items and spend their money. Many malls and brands offer large discounts from 25-75%

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