LOOK: Cotabato farmers handcraft face shields for only Dh6 (Php80)

A group of farmers from Cotabato in Mindanao have taken the initiative to create handcrafted face shields made out of bamboo.

Mindanao Development Authority Chairperson Manny Piñol shared that these face shields created by the Central Mindanao Green Workers Association are now being sold for only Php80 per piece (Dh6).

“Since the group is just starting the enterprise, they have divided the phases of the work, from the stripping of the bamboo slats to the curing, attaching of the plastic shield, disinfecting and packaging,” said Piñol on his Facebook post.

The bamboo face shield project was led and designed by a young agricultural engineer from M’lang, Cotabato, Engr. Junroe Barrios.

Piñol furthered that at present, all farmers work from their homes and hope that they can soon establish a formal manufacturing area with proper working tables, stripping equipment and sanitary needs.

“Let us support this group of farmers so that they could survive through the economic crisis while providing readily available and locally made Face Shields,” said Piñol.

The Philippines is set to enforce a policy that all commuters will be required to wear face shields on public transportation effective August 15, as mandated by the Department of Transportation.

Neil Bie

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