WATCH: Passenger proposes to Emirates cabin crew mid-air

A cabin crew of an Emirates Airlines flight was surprised by her boyfriend who proposed to her while aboard an Emirates flight from Dubai to Rome.

In a video shared by Emirates on Instagram, the man named Stefano, is seen busy decorating the plane while making agreements with his fellow passengers who served as accomplices for the surprise proposal.

His girlfriend, Vittoria, then entered the economy cabin and was overwhelmed upon seeing the passengers wearing masks of her boyfriend’s face.

Vittoria took a few steps into the economy cabin and saw Stefano who knelt on one knee before asking her hand for marriage.

She said ‘yes’ before Stefano put a ring on it!

“Love is in the air(plane). Watch our customer Stefano surprise his girlfriend and Emirates’ cabin crew member Vittoria with a romantic inflight proposal, with some help from our cabin crew and passengers,” Emirates’ caption read.

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