Julia Barretto shares anxiety problems amid COVID-19

Actress Julia Barretto has admitted that she suffered from more anxiety attacks due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.
In an episode of Tim Yap’s Facebook Live program “Tim Yap Live” on May 26, Barretto said that the pandemic took a toll on her mental health—causing her to panic and feel anxious as she overthinks the worst.
“There are really days, there are really times that randomly in a day, or at night, when you’re about to sleep, the whole situation, it does hit you, it does sink in, what you’re going through,” she said in the interview. “And then you feel the anxiety, and then you start overthinking a lot of things. We never know what’s going to happen next.”
She added, however, that she was able to manage her attacks through practicing self-awareness.
Barretto said that she can now acknowledge when she’s having an attack, and act on it immediately to regain calmness. She also recognizes that like many, she needs comfort from loved ones in order to cope with her attacks.
“Before, I didn’t understand what was happening for a very long time, until I started to get to know myself more when I’m having an attack. It’s different for everybody, how they cope, how they deal with it,” she said.

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