Robin Padilla urges men to refrain from doing this act

Actor Robin Padilla has revealed the secret to spiritual power and, according to him, it is celibacy.

Through an Instagram post, Padilla has urged single men to refrain from doing any sexual acts.

He uploaded a photo showing a study conducted by researchers from Zhejiang University in China as reported by Men’s Health last year, which tells that men’s testosterone level will increase by 45% in just 7 days after they stopped masturbating.

He then shared his own experience on how he became physically and spiritually stronger after ceasing to engage in sexual activities.

“Nagawa ko na nong araw ito after my divorce 11 years ago. Pagkagaling ko ng India after mag-aral ng yoga at kalaripayattu (Indian martial arts), I literally can leap very high and do some fancy kicks, strikes and blows” he wrote on Instagram.

He said that he became celibate before as a form of prayer. Padilla even claimed that Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom and intelligence was a result of celibacy as well.

“This will be very hard for the men now kasi wow na wow ang dami ng babae ngayon maging scientific man, statistics man, at sexual man, outnumbered ang lalaki sa dami ng population ng babae. Sexual intercourse is non-negotiable but I’m sure masturbating can be negotiable,” he noted.

He ended his post by saying: “Alam ko shocking ito sa mga lalaki at mahirap ito i-practice dahil this is not the culture that we practice especially the men. This are just information that we can try minsan kasi we have to try different things to satisfy our hunger.”


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