WATCH: Filipino singer advances to next round in X Factor UK

Maria Laroco is the only Filipino singer left standing in the 15th season of “The X Factor UK” and she continues to prove that she got what it takes to stay in the competition.

The 17-year-old student first blew everyone away during the auditions with her rendition “Purple Rain” by Prince.

After the auditions, singer who were able to get the judges’ approval will compete in the next round of the competition which is the Six-Chair Challenge.

The Six-Chair Challenge is the part of the show wherein the judges would have to pick 24 acts – six per category, namely the Girls, Boys, Groups, and Overs. Simon Cowell was the judge who chose the six singers who will be included in the Girls category.

Laroco was the fifth singer to perform in front of Cowell, the other judges, and the audience members. She sang Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” and was immediately given seat no. 5.

However, one of her competitors, Jennifer Owens, sang an original song called “Fly” and stole her spot.

When everyone thought it was the end of Laroco’s journey, Cowell decided to bring her back and give her seat no. 4 after eliminating singer Ava Lily from the competition.

But when Scarlett Lee, another one of Laroco’s competitors, took the stage, Cowell said that he wanted to give her a seat. However, all of the six chairs were already occupied so he then said he wanted a sing off between Laroco and Georgia Burgess, who was occupying seat no. 3.

In the end, Cowell decided to keep Laroco and Burgess in the competition, and eliminated Owens.

After the Six-Chair Challenge, the six singers in the Girls category are Laroco, Burgess, and Lee, together with Bella Penfold, Shan, and Molly Scott.

During the Six-Chair Challenge, Sephy Francisco, another Filipino singer who impressed everyone with her doble-kara performence during the auditions, performed Loren Alred’s “Never Enough” but was eventually eliminated.

Because Laroco was able to get a spot during the Six-Chair Challenge, she will then move onto the judges’ house, which will then lead to the live shows.

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