Agot Isidro retorts to another fake news about her

Actress Agot Isidro took it to Twitter to quash a fake news article written about her alleged comment on the Manila Metro Rail Transit System or MRT.

According to the article, Isidro allegedly said that MRT is at its worst state ever since President Rodrigo Duterte started his administration.

At the latter part of the article, titled “Habang Tumatagal sa Pwesto si Duterte, Pabulok Nang Pabulok Ang MRT – Agot Isidro”, also stated that Isidro accused Duterte as a former member of the New People’s Army or NPA.

As of this writing, the said news article has been shared on social media sites more than 5,000 times.
On March 1, Isidro retorted to the malicious article, saying it fake and that she did not say any of the statements written on it.

“I did not say this. #FakeNews Stop putting words in my mouth,” she said on Twitter.

Last year, Isidro first became a victim of fake news when a website called ‘Blog di latestdutertenews’ published the article titled “ANTI TO PRO?: Agot Isidro humingi ng tawad sa kanyang post”.

In the article, the actress was quoted to have tweeted: “Sorry I was wrong to side to the opposition party. I’m sorry.”

Isidro debunked the article by tweeting, “Sa pagkakaalam ko, wala naman ganitong nangyari. Nagulat din naman ako”.

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