Samsung hints possible fix for Samsung Galaxy Fold

The hype for the Samsung Galaxy Fold subsided when reviewers who got the phone early on discovered a huge flaw with its durability, with many that noted problems with its signature foldable screen.

While the Samsung Galaxy Fold has no new release date yet for the public, several updates and changes have been listed at Yonhap News as per a report from Tech Radar.

This includes an update to the size of the hinge which many reviewers reported to be faulty as it broke when dust, dirt, and other small particles were caught up within the mechanism. Samsung reportedly plans to reduce the size of the hinge which in turn would fit the device’s pre-existing protective frame at just the right size for optimal protection.

Another negative review was that many reviewers peeled off the screen protector that eventually broke the display of Samsung Galaxy Fold. Their proposed solution is to expand the plastic film enough to tuck within the frame of the handset so that the public wouldn’t get the itch to remove it.

Samsung’s innovative phone might have been plagued with many issues right at the outset, but TechRadar reports that the company will be successful pioneers of the foldable phone revolution – as long as it’s able to quickly address the issues found to date, and avoid any further durability problems from taking place when it’s released to the public.


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