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1484 by Puro: Delicious delights at UAE’s highest restaurant in RAK

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Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE features some of the most beautiful tourist destinations that allow you to marvel at the UAE’s beauty with a view from the top – and now, 1484 by Puro – a new restaurant at the peaks of RAK, will help you enjoy and savor this experience with savory dishes and delightful drinks!

1484 by Puro takes its namesake from its location being exactly 1484m above sea level – this gives its visitors a magnificent 360 panoramic view of Ras Al Khaimah’s mountainside as they enjoy their meals.

Since it opened a year ago in January 2021 – the restaurant has expanded to 120 pax, and on weekends 1484 by Puro even serves as many as more than 500 guests ranging from tourists that enjoy mountain activities at Jebel Jais, as well as expats and locals from all over the UAE that visit RAK to sit back and relax away from the busy cityscape.

1484 by Puro Smoked Salmon Bagel
1484 by Puro’s Smoked Salmon Bagel

Here’s our quick review of their menu offerings:

Breakfast. From opening until 11:45 am, 1484 by Puro offers a wide range of selections for the family to enjoy their breakfast! Enjoy piping hot pancakes, and eggs cooked as per your preferences, and be sure not to miss their delicious Smoked Salmon Bagel as well!

Starters. Whet your palate with their delicious selections of appetizers that originate from all points of the globe! Enjoy the Far East with their spicy Wasabi Shrimps or their Korean Fried Chicken or enjoy your cheese in several ways with Parmesan Arancini, Beetroot Carpaccio, and of course, their Burrata Cheese with Market Tomatoes and Basil, among others.

1484 by Puro 1484 Chicken Salad
1484 by Puro’s 1484 Chicken Salad

Salads. If you’re opting for their lunch menu, their signature 1484 Chicken Salad packs a light yet delicious mix of freshly harvested vegetables such as napa cabbage, radicchio, green onion, and chives, with grilled chicken breast and several delicious slices of avocado.

1484 by Puro Bombay Veggie Burger
1484 by Puro’s Bombay Veggie Burger

Mains. Big meat eaters will enjoy 1484 by Puro’s mouth-watering Steak and Frites which will be cooked and prepared as per your preferences. They also offer delicious servings of Lamb Chops that easily fall off the bone with their tender juicy bites. 1484 by Puro also offers two types of curries: The Thai Green Curry and the Chicken Katsu Curry – each with their distinct flavor profiles but are equally delicious and fulfilling to the taste.

1484 by Puro Edamame Pesto Linguine
1484 by Puro’s Edamame Pesto Linguine
1484 by Puro Beetroot Carpaccio
1484 by Puro’s Beetroot Carpaccio

Desserts. Be sure to leave room for dessert! 1484 by Puro has several sweet endings to offer but be sure not to miss their unique take on the famous ‘Tiramisu’ as well as their Coconut Rice Pudding!

1484 by Puro Cocktails
1484 by Puro’s Cocktails

Beverages. From coffee to refreshing fruit drinks, 1484 by Puro offers a huge variety of drinks that the entire family will definitely enjoy! Some of the must-try drinks include their Emirati blend coffee, the Jebel Jais (Artemisia) House Tea, their ‘Puro’ Colada smoothie, and their ‘1484 View’ mocktail.

1484 by Puro Coffee
1484 by Puro’s Coffee

Due to the high demand, 1484 by Puro urges individuals who will visit the restaurant to book in advance. Guests can book their table through the website at or by calling 04 815 7333.

1484 by Puro is open daily from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, seven days a week. Breakfast timings are from 8:00 am to 11:45 am, and lunch from 12:00 pm onwards, with the last kitchen order at 6:30 pm.

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