Filipino traveler shares how he circumnavigated the world for PHP240,000 despite splurging on trips

He is now in the exclusive Circumnavigator’s Club, whose members included General Douglas MacArthur, Neil Armstrong, William Howard Taft, and Harry Houdini

Over the years, traveling has become so common that almost everyone has a story to tell about their unique adventures. It became a concept that we immediately got used to, so much so that it became something we often took for granted.

“There’s still time.”

“Those places won’t go anywhere.”

“I have other things to do.”

And then the pandemic hit.

Suddenly, the concept of adventure became vague, something close to impossible. In a snap, travel has suddenly become out of our reach, an idea that—some would say—might as well be considered fleeting. And then, just like that, we started regretting about how we postponed the adventure we so yearned, fantasizing about how we’ll take on the next flight out once this crisis is over.

However, Filipino traveler Regin Reyno has long realized the importance of going on an adventure now, while we still can. In his recent journey-of-a-lifetime, he has broken so many stereotypes about traveling for Filipinos. He showed that the limitations of a Philippines passport cannot limit our wanderlust, that Filipinos can be recognized as elite travelers, and that we can still splurge on a trip without spending too much.

Ait Ben Haddou
Regin at Aït Benhaddouu, Morocco (Photo credit: Regin Reyno)

He made it all work through proper planning, wise booking skills, and most importantly, drive and passion to see the world.

“For me, traveling is educational. It is also a means of improving one’s self, in general. I don’t just see it just as a leisure. So, investing in travel is worth it, and doing an around-the-world journey, I think, is one of the best ways wherein traveling can have an impact on me,” said Reyno.

After successfully circumnavigating the world in 2019—including 12 territories and attractions included in the Seven Wonders of the World—Reyno has been included in the ultra-exclusive Circumnavigator’s Club. Founded in 1902, this club is the only organization in the world that unites people who have circumnavigated the globe.

Members of the club included General Douglas MacArthur, Neil Armstrong, William Howard Taft, and Harry Houdini.

Always in love with travel

Regin at Thailand (Photo credit: Regin Reyno)


Reyno said he came from a family of wanderlusts, with his parents regularly taking them on family vacations all over the Philippines when he and his siblings were just kids. However, he decided to take it to a whole new level in 2011, when he began going on international trips and documenting them on his blog, reginstravels.com and his Instagram (@reginstravels)

“My first backpacking trip was when we had an overland journey from Nonthaburi, Thailand, going to Siem Reap, Cambodia all to way to Saigon, Vietnam. The long train rides and bus rides were enjoyable and relaxing-seeing the scenery along the way,” he said.

Tuyok: Around the World

Machu Picchu
Regin at Machu Picchu, Peru (Photo credit: Regin Reyno)

Naming his journey “tuyok” (a Cebuano work for circumnavigation), Reyno said movies like Last Stop For Paul, A Map for Saturday, James Bond series, and Up In the Air, inspired him to take on an adventure of a lifetime—traversing the globe.

He made it happen in 2019, and managed to shell out nearly PHP250,000. This is despite splurging on his travels and truly enjoying every culture and cuisine of each nation he visited.

“I didn’t plan this to be a budget travel per se. I stayed at hotels, tried different cuisines of each country, and even took first-class train rides, and none of my flights were a promotion flight,” he said.

Reyno added that what made his journey less expensive is that he made everything DIY (do-it-yourself), booking cheap flights using an app and paying for it using his WeChat wallet.

“By booking flights individually, I can choose the cheapest flight for a particular leg of the trip. I think that was the major thing why, for some people, it’s so cheap,” he added.

Looking forward for more

Chichen Itza
Regin at Chichen Itza, Mexico (Photo credit: Regin Reyno)

The pandemic has indeed put a dampen on people’s ability to travel, but Reyno said he trusts God that everything will be over soon and that the delays happen for a reason.

He added that this pandemic has given people more time to better themselves, advising them to instead focus on fitness or reading, as well as spending time with loved ones to improve both physical and mental health.

“Take this time-off from traveling to further develop ourselves by focusing on our fitness. So, when travel finally resumes, we are more fit and healthy to enjoy our experiences on the road and maximize the activities that travel has to offer. Also, read more books for a sharp mind, and savor the time you have with your loved ones,” he said.

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