WATCH: Experiences you shouldn’t miss when in Osaka and Kyoto

When travelling to Japan, tourists get to marvel at the pristine beauty of the Far East’s sights and sounds. This week, TFT Lifestyle TV’s Dan on the Go takes viewers to Japan’s second most popular city, Osaka and takes the trip up a notch with a quick visit to Kyoto.

Here are the top spots you shouldn’t miss:

Dotonburi, Osaka

One of Osaka’s most visited places is Dotonburi where visitors will see the famous Dotonburi Canal, as well as its colorful streets. The place also has souvenir shops and other convenience stores for tourists which makes it an ideal place to shop for goods.

The place seems like it’s a theme park turned into a town with its huge and colorful decorations including their “Kani Doraku” a giant, mechanical crab with moving arms.

The place is likewise known for the expression ‘Kuidaore’ which roughly translates to ‘Eat until you drop’ due to being the hub for restaurants serving many mouthwatering dishes including their Okonomiyaki and of course, their world-famous Takoyaki.


Home to Japan’s classical places, gardens, imperial palaces, traditional wooden houses and shrines, Kyoto hosts a very laidback and serene view of the country from the Far East.

Just 30 minutes away from Kyoto’s city center is the lush, refreshing greeneries of the Sagano Bamboo Forest. Seeing the place itself at a glance is enough to lull your senses to a more relaxing mood with many Instagrammable locations.

Kyoto’s Tenryuji Temple ranks first among the city’s five great ‘Zen’ temples. The temple has since been hailed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites from 1994.

The Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto is another top tourist spot in Japan, famous for its picture-worthy architectural marvels.

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