Pops Fernandez opens up about TNT Boys’ elimination on “The World’s Best”

Singer Pops Fernandez has finally spoken up about the elimination of the TNT Boys from the US talent show “The World’s Best”.

The TNT Boys, composed of Mackie Empuerto, Keifer Sanchez, and Francis Concepcion, represented the Philippines in the said international competition.

However, the boys were booted out of the competition after they were fitted against another singing group, Naturally 7.

The three American judges — actress Drew Barrymore, singer Faith Hill, and drag performer RuPaul Charles — gave them a total average score of 49. They received a final score of 67 after the 50 artists from the “Wall of the World” locked in their score.

They were behind Naturally 7 who earned 75 points.

After their elimination, Fernandez, who is part of the show’s “Wall of the World,” said that her co-judges were rooting for the TNT Boys but they suddenly changed their minds.

“I expected them to go all the way to the finals. I think the ‘Wall of the World’ also wanted them to be in the finals but somehow along the way, they changed their minds,” she said.

However, Fernandez said that people should be more proud of the boys rather than be disappointed with their elimination because they have given their best in the competition.

“Sometimes, things happen. But I am still very proud of them. I think they gave a good fight and I told a lot of people that we should never be disappointed…

“They have gone a long way and they were very much recognized for their talents… In every contest, there is only one winner. We shouldn’t feel bad,” she said.

The boys gave show-stopping performances including their covers of Beyonce’s “Listen” and Jennifer Holliday’s “I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”.


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