Couple Will, Jada Smith go skydiving in Dubai

Hollywood couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith decided to challenge themselves in a skydiving escapade in Dubai.

As seen in her recent Instagram post, Jada went skydiving in Dubai in celebration of her husband’s birthday.

It can be recalled that Jada told People Magazine prior to their trip to the UAE that her husband made a birthday wish and asked her to try out skydiving when they visit Dubai.

“He was like, ‘I want you to come to Dubai and I want to see the two of you skydive. That is what I want for my birthday,'” she said in the interview.

“I was like, ‘Really bro?’ I haven’t done a damn thing Will has wanted me to do in seven years!” she added.

Jada said that her husband is known for being a thrill-seeker, but she is completely different from that.

“I’m not really adventurous in that way and he has been having his adventures and I told him, ‘These are the years — you’re turning 50, so this is the year of yes for me to you because I’m always telling you no,’ so this one year is a yes,” she said.

To prove her point, Jada kept her promise to Will and jumped out of a plane over the Palm Jumeirah.

A few years ago, it can be recalled that Will also tried out skydiving when he went to Dubai. He even shared a video of it on social media.

Aside from her skydiving adventure, Jada also shared some more videos and photos of the activities they did and places they visited in Dubai.

She posted videos of her trip to Burj Khalifa, and a desert in Dubai, as well as her encounter with an elephant with the Dubai Crown Prince.

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