Sam Milby on Mark Bautista’s coming out: “I should not give a comment”

Actor and singer Sam Milby said that he doesn’t feel the need to air his opinions on Mark Bautista who recently came out as bisexual.

Aside from coming out, Bautista revealed in his book “Beyond The Mark” that he had an intimate relationship with an unidentified male friend. Many fans had different speculations on guy that Bautista once had a relationship.

In an interview with PEP on March 1, Milby said that, as much as possible, he would not like to give his comments on Bautista’s issues.

“Ako, I’d rather not give a comment. I don’t know… I feel na, I don’t know… giving a comment would only make the issue bigger. I’m not part of it, so I should not give a comment, I don’t know…” the Fil-Am actor-singer said.

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“If it’s a friend of mine that has an issue, it depends. Not in terms of this issue. Not this issue,” he said.

Milby said that rumors like this are part of the showbiz industry.

“Ako, when it comes to issue, there’s always an issue that would come up in showbiz pero walang proof, it’s always gonna be rumor, it’s always gonna be chismis.

“If you don’t have a proof, it’s hard to really say… there’s always gonna be chismis. That’s part of showbiz. So, when it comes to close friends and they have this issue na walang katotohanan talaga, parang nakakaawa na nakakainis din.

“Ang daming isyu na walang katotohanan pero ang daming naniniwala. With my issue before, I find it kinda funny. It’s just funny that so many people believe with what they hear, even if there’s no truth at all.

“Siguro you have to understand that it’s part of showbiz also, not pertaining to that issue,” he explained.

The 33-year-old actor-singer also clarified that he doesn’t talk much with Bautista.

“We don’t really talk that much. The times that we see each other, nung ASAP dati, pero hindi na ako nag-a-ASAP.

“And then, mga times na nagkikita kami, because we’re the same handlers, sa Star Magic, we’re both artists of Tita Lulu [Romero], our handler,” he said.


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