Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed commends Dubai’s forward-looking vision for post COVID-19 era

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, recently chaired a meeting of the Executive Council at Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3.

During the meeting, Sheikh Hamdan said that Dubai Airport is the ‘beating heart of the world’ with Emirates Airlines is the artery, adding that Dubai is today, taking off again, and send hope and optimism message to the world as it managed to weather the storm to continue its socio-economic development journey. He also said that Dubai has presented a model of resilience and efficiency in dealing with crises to continue its journey of achievements.

“We have learnt from Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to defeat the impossible, and to turn the challenge into an opportunity to consolidate our achievements and benefit from our readiness and to rapidly adapt with new reality,” Sheikh Hamdan said.

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“This experience has provided us with a significant boost ahead to maintain our achievements so Dubai remains the best city in various vital sectors, and to start a new phase with strength and competitiveness. Today, we are flying high and we are confident with our abilities as we demonstrated a distinctive experience is maintain work and productivity and tackling challenges and triumphing over crises.”

The meeting reviewed the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, where he was briefed about proposed plans to alleviate its repercussions on the current economic conditions and its impact on growth movement, and tourism sector, as well as the resumption of the tourism movement in the emirate.

“Dubai has cemented its position as a business and tourism destination that links the world. It has and will always be a tourism destination and the beating heart of economy, as it faced major global crisis and demonstrated once again its ability to over overcome it with a stunning model to emulate,” Sheikh Hamdan said.

“Today, Dubai has managed to deal with corona virus outbreak, relying on flexible policies that alleviated hurdles and speeded up its development journey. And today, we are ready to enter the post COVID-19 world rapidly and strongly to achieve more accomplishments, and to demonstrate to the world that Dubai will always remain number one in every economic, tourism and social spheres.”

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H.H. said that weathering storms and dealing with resilience and proactively with challenges is nothing new for Dubai, that to the wisdom and vision of Mohammed bin Rashid, as well as determination and commitment where Dubai is presenting the world a model of resilience and overcoming challenges.

“We start the new phase with more determination and innovation, relying on an ambitious futuristic vision and a comprehensive and efficient government and private sectors, which helped us facing the crises efficiently. And Today, Dubai continues its development journey with confidence to maintain its leading position in various global competitiveness indicators, so it remains a global tourism destination, and beating economic center.”

He further said: “Today, we are ready and we announce to the world that life continues, and impossible is not in our dictionary. And the good news is that things are good, and today we are more competitive to deal with the post COVID-19 era with confidence and innovative thinking to set a new model in dealing with pandemic and consolidating efforts.”

During his tour in the Airport, Sheikh Hamdan also met with a number personnel of entities working in the airport, where he praised their efforts and commitment to maintain their duties amid this exceptional situation, where he hailed their efforts and readiness for the next phase, adding that everybody is responsible so Dubai will return rapidly, and strongly, and remains a bright global destination.

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