South Korean official in charge of 'coronavirus outbreak' commits suicide

An official from the South Korea Justice Ministry reportedly took his life and jumped off the Han River and died.
In a report on Arirang and Seoul Economic Daily, the man came from the Office of Emergency Safety Planning at the Ministry of Justice. He was in charged of national emergency situations and crisis management.
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A CCTV footage showed that the man indeed got out from his car upon reaching Dongjak bridge and jumped at around 9am in the morning.
The suicide took place amid the current outbreak of the coronavirus disease in South Korea.
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Dealing with the recent spike of coronavirus cases is reportedly part of the man’s jurisdiction.

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  1. the officials who are ment to save you are killing themselves, that’s not a good sign, looks like the future of this disease is not a bright one

  2. I have feeling this has nothing to do with the Virus, maybe he had severe depression long time ago.

    1. Stress from dealing with coronavirus cases. Same happened with a government official in Japan who was in charge of quarantining people a few weeks ago, committed suicide from the stress. It’s really sad.

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