UAE gold prices drop for third straight day; 18K now Dh113.25

For third consecutive day, the prices of gold in the UAE have yet again dropped—giving enthusiasts the opportunity to buy gold at a cheaper rate.

Based on the latest updates of Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group, 24K gold is now priced at Dh 147.50, cheaper than the Dh148.25 per gram rate yesterday.

22K gold also decreased in retail price and is now valued at Dh138.50. Other types of gold, such as 21K and 18K, which are priced at at Dh132.25 and Dh113.25, also dropped in prices respectively.

Yesterday, 22K, 21K, and 18K golds were priced at Dh139.25, Dh133, and Dh114.

Filipinos in the UAE should take advantage of the drop in the retail price as it is expected to increase during the celebration of the Diwali festival on November.

Note: The prices vary depending on the purity of gold and the market it is traded in.

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