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An open letter to OFWs: Thank you for all your sacrifices

Greetings mga Bayani,

By this time, I believe you’re now checking up on the balikbayan box that you sent home in time for the holidays. Has it arrived just in time? Were they surprised?

How about the pair of Nike shoes for kuya? Did he like it? How about the cell phone you bought for ate?

Oh, and let’s not forget the chocolates.  I am pretty sure the kids kept coming back to the fridge to get one.

Were you able to see them while opening the box as they excitedly scoured through it?

Or maybe … you were the gift they got this Christmas?



While some may have been lucky enough to go home and spend the Holidays in the Philippines, many had marked another missed Noche Buena and Media Noche. Whichever you are, I know you’ve worked hard all year to have something for them for Christmas.

And this is why I wrote this letter – to thank you.

Working overseas is not for the faint-hearted. Deciding to pursue it had surely taken you an ounce of courage. Leaving away your comfort zone and living in a foreign country just to provide your family a better future is such an act of bravery.

I want you to know that in the eyes of your family, you are selfless and strong and heroic.

Thank you for being selfless enough to sacrifice your heart’s desires for your family’s needs.

Thank you for being strong enough to endure life’s adversities alone while they are enjoying together the good life you are providing for them.

Thank you for being heroic enough to jump to ‘what if’s” rather than to live in “what could have been’s.”

You are selfless. You are strong. You are a hero.

You are already in the process of turning your sweat into a bright future. So, please do not give up yet.

One day, those tears you secretly hide when you talk to them will turn into tears of joy when you return home.

For now, I’m asking you to remain selfless, and strong, and heroic as you face the year apart from them.

Thank you for all your sacrifices.

I am certain that you will go home with your goals achieved and hopes realized in time.



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