8 dreams believed to mean you will get rich soon

Some dreams are so great, you never want to wake up from them. Hopes and aspirations, as well as your worries and frustrations are believed by astrologers and psychologists to be expressed in the form of dreams.

Many of them may be interpreted in relation to wealth and success that could motivate you and keep your sight on your goals.

If you see these eight things in your dreams, chances are good things are in the horizon for you.

1. Promised land of Milk and Honey

“A land flowing with milk and honey” was used to describe God’s promised paradise of abundance and richness. It’s no wonder that both milk and honey are associated with prosperity.

Dreaming about honey-making bees, which are known to be hard-working insects, is also linked to hard work which produce sweet results. Seeing milk in large quantities also signify wealth and happiness.

2. Regal Gold and Burgundy
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Universally, the colors gold and burgundy denote a sense of wealth and prestige. In the United Kingdom, a lion colored in gold is considered as a symbol of monarchy.

To dream of gold represents having possession of something valuable like wealth and riches. It could also express being wealthy in terms of confidence, just like the expression “good as gold”.

Receiving a golden gift in your dreams, on the other hand, is said connote that you will soon achieve a highly-coveted position at work. Seeing a pot of gold in your dreams signify that compensation for all your hard work is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, the color burgundy means positive fortunes. Since it is a shade of red, this color also denotes strength, passion, and courage – all good characteristics that express potential for power.

3. Grains: Earth’s precious gift
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Grains are considered as one of earth’s plentiful bounties. Rich harvest is commonly associated with profit, wealth, and happiness. Dreaming about grains means that good fortune awaits you in abundance.

4. Lucky number 8
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Seeing the number 8 in your dreams mean that wealth, success, and that material gains are in the horizon for you. For the Chinese and other Asian cultures, the number eight (8) is considered to be a lucky number because the Chinese character for eight  (八), pronounced as “ba” sounds like the word for prosperity (發发) pronounced as “fa”. Even the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China was scheduled at 8:08 p.m. on August 8, 2008.

Another reason why 8 is considered a lucky number is because of its perfectly symmetrical and balanced shape, which Chinese astronomers consider as ideal.

5. Soaring eagle
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Admired for their spirits, the majestic eagle is considered as a symbol of bravery, determination, and courage. In Greek mythology, the eagle is considered the patron animal of Zeus. Men also strived to become like “wings of eagles for they will run and not grow weary”.

Dreaming about these skilled hunter birds expresses your strong determination for accomplishment. Despite the struggles, you will be able to reach your highest ambition.

6. Meat: A wealthy man’s meal
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In early civilizations like the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, meat was a luxury that only the rich could afford, since not everyone can afford to buy and consume it.

Dreaming about eating a well-cooked meat denotes an increase in one’s wealth while eating raw meat has an adverse affect.

7. Money
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Dreaming about money can be taken literally – a symbol of material gain and financial blessings. Dreams about money can also be interpreted as the overall richness of your body and mind that despite all the worries, success and happiness will soon follow. Finding money, on the other hand, means that luck is on your side and that you will have success in all the things that you do.

8. Poop, a hidden treasure

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Holding poop at the palm of your hand is a sign of wealth and financial luck, according to dream interpreters, while stepping on it generally means that you will come across an unexpected luck.

Farm animal wastes also signify prosperity and profit for your family or your company.
Note: Dreams can help you motivate to be successful, but it is only through hard work that we can become prosperous in life no matter how blurry it might seem sometimes.

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