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China shuts down over 13,000 mukbang accounts, says they promote “food waste”

China has shut down over 13,000 live-streaming and video accounts of vloggers engaging in mukbang, as the government presses hard against what it claims as promoters of food waste, South China Morning Post reported.

In a notice posted on messaging app WeChat, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said that it has closed down 13,600 mukbang accounts after they were found violating the government’s policy against food waste.

Mukbang is an online eating show and a worldwide trend that originated in South Korea, in which people eat large quantities of food while engaging with the audience.

Mukbangers—or vloggers that mostly post eating videos—have been criticized by President Xi Jinping, calling it a “shocking and distressing” problem of food waste.

In addition, South China Morning Post reported that Chinese state broadcaster CCTV slammed as well online eating programs that show people consuming huge amounts of food, noting that it these shows are “an extreme example of food waste”.

The report added that Chinese video-sharing app operators have since responded by vowing to clean such videos on their platforms. Among those are Kuaishou and Douyin, which now show a cautionary message in its eating videos—saying that users should “cherish food, and keep a reasonable diet” and say “no” to food waste.

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