Bridge Beyond Food: Dubai’s soulful dining experience

At the end of a busy work day or during the weekend when you long for something to nourish your body and spirit, where do you go?

BBF Multicuisine, that’s where. BBF, which stands for Bridge Beyond Food, is a new restaurant at SH 7 Ansar Gallery in Karama, which prides itself for being “the only known healthy restaurant” this side of Dubai. Strictly no MSG and preservatives is their mantra, and the affordable servings are huge enough for sharing.

Coach Clarissa interacting with her guests

BBF Multicuisine which offers international dishes (Filipino, American, Italian, Mexican ) in a semi-fine dining set up is a brainchild of Filipino-Canadian fitness buff duo Clarissa and Jay Calingasan. Clarissa, a multihyphenate personality (life coach-TV personality-author-runner-body builder) said the healthy concept of BBF was mostly inspired by her everyday experiences and life journey.

Boneless Inasal

The idea for her “Champ Oats,” a decadent mix of dark chocolate and oats sans sugar, for example, came up one day after she was repeatedly called “champ” (short for champion) by an acquaintance. Since she was craving champorado (a Filipino chocolate rice porridge that uses glutinous rice and cocoa powder) that day, she thought about making a healthier alternative and incorporating the word “champ.”

Champ Oats

The resto affords diners a relaxing vibe of dining in the middle of a forest. A prominent feature is the “Affirmation Wall” where guests post anything from prayers to inspirational messages. And since Clarissa, or Coach Clarissa as she is fondly called, is a life coach who loves entertaining and interacting with the guests, you just might get lucky and get a free life coaching session right there and then!

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