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Top health benefits Filipinos can enjoy from consuming Evaporated milk and sweet condensed milk/creamer

Whenever Filipinos create dishes for their viands or desserts at home, they usually find themselves using milk to make their food creamier and more delicious.

However, only a few select milk and dairy products such as Abevia provide the benefits of a healthy dose of nutrients along with their signature taste of creamy goodness.

“Keeping our vision in mind, we explore healthy offerings for consumers. Extensive and entrenched route to market with product innovation at its core, takes Abevia towards the healthy consumer minds,” said Sankha Biswas, CEO of global F&B company Nutridor that manages the Abevia brand worldwide.

Here are some of the key health benefits of milk and dairy products:

Improved bone health with calcium presence. Individuals struggling with poor bones and lack of nutrients for their body should opt for milk as their daily food item to help strengthen their bones to their optimal levels.

Lowered risk of obesity. International studies have linked milk’s capability to help individuals feel full for longer periods of time to lowered risks of weight loss and obesity.

Filled with nutrients. Milk isn’t merely for calcium alone as it is packed with several other nutritious elements including protein, vitamin D, Riboflavin (B2), vitamin B12, potassium, phosphorus, calories, fat, selenium, and more.

Filipinos will find a range of Abevia’s milk products at their nearest convenience stores, which include their signature Evaporated milk and Sweet condensed milk, with more dairy products to be added in the coming months.

Sankha states that one of the key factors that differentiate Abevia from other dairy product brands these days is that they make sure that the prices of their products are always optimized to help the consumer enjoy healthy meals. Value for money is what we offer to our consumers. Add Abevia, Add Goodness to Life.

Sankha Biswas, CEO of global F&B company Nutridor
“Good food should be available and affordable and that is where Abevia plays the disruptive role in the market. We build our brand towards health benefits that can appeal to a full socio-economic spectrum,”
– Sankha Biswas, CEO of global F&B company Nutridor

Sankha acknowledges that Filipinos are among those who put either evaporated or condensed milk in both traditional Filipino dishes as well as reimagined recipes with a Filipino twist. This is why Abevia‘s range of affordable, healthy, and delicious milk products fulfill all of the points that each Filipino needs here in the UAE and GCC region.

“Dairy products are considered a foundation of health for many cultures. With Abevia, our flagship dairy brand, we leverage the best of our science and product expertise to provide families with both nutritionally enriched milk products and delicious treats. Add Abevia, add goodness to life,” said Sankha.


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