LOOK: Full-time mom puts up business thanks to mini food sculptures

Will you eat a ramen this small?

Or will this tiny bag of Lays fill you up?

These are creations of clay artist Rhica Obien. A mom of two, she makes these miniature creations from scratch using an improvised oven.

Depending on the design, a miniature art can take a minimum of three hours to make, she said. Her designs are often as small as a ballpen cap or a 25-centavo coin.

Rhica is a full-time mother with gifted hands that can create the tiniest food creations from clay. She did not always know that she had the talent to make the sculptures and discovered it when she was preparing for her little girl’s birthday.

“Nagstart po ako nung 2012. Plan ko po gumawa ng souvenir for my kid’s birthday party. (Nung) umpisa po, nanood po muna ako ng YouTube tutorial”.

(I started in 2012. I planned to make a souvenir for my kid’s birthday party so I watched YouTube tutorials.)

What started out as a personal giveaway grew into an online business. Rhicrafts took flight in 2014, after she carved some time at night or her husband took over watching the kids.

“This is what I really want even if I’m sleepless and very tired,” she said in a Facebook post.

This artist does not have a specific process in doing her projects. She likes to be surprised with the outcome of the clay.

“Basta sakin po, ginagawa ko lang po kung ano yung nasa isip ko at ginagawa ko lang po yung best ko. Saka ko na po iniisip kung ano kalalabasan. Pag may natutuwa po, doble po saya sakin.”

(I just make what I have in mind and I do my best; I think about the outcome later. When my work makes other people happy, it makes me happy too.)

Rhica is touched by clients who send her pictures of her work, often with the clients’ toys.

“Masaya po ako pag nasisiyahan po sila sa gawa ko, big achievement na po sa’kin yun.”

(I am happy when they like my work, it’s already a big achievement for me.)

As of now, Rhica is contented making miniature sculptures and spud earrings for private clients but she hopes to take bulk orders in the future.


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