Ruffa Gutierrez pushes for Divorce Bill in Philippines

Former beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez is now a part of a group that aims to protect women from abuse support to push divorce in the country.

Gutierrez, coming from showbiz scion, celebrated her 45th birthday this year through taking part in a public symposium where she shared one of the darkest parts of her marriage life.

The former Miss Universe World Runner-Up was among the panel gathered by global NGO Vital Voices and Avon Foundation for Women, Avon Philippines in a three-part workshop dubbed as “Voices Against Violence”.

It can be recalled that at the peak of Gutierrez’s career, she married the Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas and lived in Istanbul.

Gutierrez, who many thought was living in a happy and extravagant state, admitted she was a battered wife. She experienced abuse and got bruises in her body.

After leaving her husband, she had to see a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD).

With her experience, Gutierrez now pronounced her support to push for the divorce bill in the Philippines.

 “I also needed [the professional counseling] as a requirement for my annulment… So please, to the government, let’s already have divorce in the Philippines!” she rallied laughing. “The last time I voted, I made sure to find out who’s for and against divorce, to make my choice.” Gutierrez said in a manilatimes.net report.

Gutierrez also urged women to be financially independent so that they wouldn’t be scared of leaving their husbands if needed. 


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  1. The Otso Diretso Team which heavily pushed for liberal ideas like divorce, same sex marriage was flushed down the toilet and mauled during the last election. Most Catholics who were inclined to vote for them for being against the Duterte administration rejected them because they were pushing for these liberal nonsense. We already have laws protecting battered women. What we need are laws strengthening families not laws that intend to break them apart !

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