Kris Aquino to stop being her regular self, to take time off to “heal”

Social media personality Kris Aquino posted a lengthy message on Facebook announcing that she has decided to take some time away from the limelight.

In her post titled, “Better in Time,” Aquino said she chose to take a break to heal and improve her condition for her children, Josh and Bimby.

Aquino also said at one point of her post that she will try to stop being herself and transition into being a “regular citizen” so that she will not experience the “worst manifestations” of her auto-immune disease that “have no cure.”

“My reason is simple, I need to heal in every aspect of my being for me to take care of my two boys. That’s my focus for the next few months: get my immunity stronger, concentrate on the parts of me where I have a chance to be better, and strive for harmony where it’s possible,” she said.

“Pragmatically, I cannot do that without adopting privacy,” she added.

Aquino also said that her social media accounts will be quiet, except for some occasional brand endorsements.

In the same post, Aquino also said her condition has worsened to the point that it has already affected her everyday life.

“Truthfully, I miss the old me, the one who felt fulfillment from being a workaholic, wasn’t constantly bedridden for days because of extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, nausea, or dizziness,” she said.

She continued: “The one who used to enjoy eating and didn’t find food consumption a struggle; the one who slept well at night, not when the sun is rising until mid-afternoon; the one who could go to Church, malls, cinemas, and restaurants without fear that her immune system couldn’t handle it; and I miss the one who could brisk walk while traveling, wasn’t helpless that her sons have to take turns holding her hand to keep her steady, and also take turns with Bincai whenever in the bathroom because of the times she had dizzy spells and fainting.”

The Queen of All Media promised her followers she will return when she feels healthier.

“You and I deserve the real me, not the angled, filtered, photoshopped me to make me look less frail and gaunt, that’s why I am surrendering to God’s timing,” she said.

Read her full post below.


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