Pinoy group imitates “Crazy Rich Asians” costumes

The Hollywood movie “Crazy Rich Asians” was a blockbuster success and was well-received across the globe. That is why a group of Filipino friends decided to take inspiration from the said film for their Halloween costumes.

The group of friends uploaded the photos on different social media platforms and it caught the attention and gained the approval of some of the film’s cast members.

Actors Nick Young, who played Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, who played Astrid Leong; Chris Pang, who played Colin Khoo; and the film’s director Jon M. Chu have all liked the photo.

Filipino-American actor Nico Santos, who appeared on the movie as Nick Young’s cousin Oliver T’sien, also retweeted the photo and commended the group of Filipino friends for their creativity.

In an interview with Coconuts Manila, Gabo Yap, who was among the group of friends, said that they decided to dress up as the characters from the film to remember how it was able to highlight the long-overdue representation of minorities in movies.

“It felt really great to have such an iconic and groundbreaking cast appreciate our costumes because it really shows how important representation of minorities is in media,” he said.

“Apparently, everybody else loved the movie too and had their own characters they identified with. The casting of characters flowed very naturally for all of us, and that’s when we knew we had our Halloween costume already,” he added.

Among the costumes they recreated was the Michael Cinco yellow couture gown worn by Kris Aquino who played Princess Intan in the film.

This isn’t the first time Yap’s group of friends caught the attention of netizens because of their over-the-top Halloween costumes.

In 2016, they wore costumes from the Korean film “Train to Busan”, and a year after, they caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning singer Taylor Swift when they recreated several looks from her music video “Look What You Made Me Do”.


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