Vanessa Hudges opens up about her relationship with Filipina mom

Hollywood actress Vanessa Hudgens admitted that the bond between her and her Filipina mother has grown stronger ever since her father succumbed to cancer two years ago.

In an interview with Ruben V. Nepales for Inquirer.net, the “High School Musical” actress said that it has been difficult for her family especially her mother, Gina Guangco-Hudgens who hailed from southern Philippines, after his father, Greg Hudgens, died in January 2016.

“She came to America from the Philippines with my father, so all that she knew in America was my dad, my sister (Stella) and me. Now that my dad is gone, it’s been difficult,” she said referring to her mother, adding that it is now her time to “spoil her”.

Vanessa also had to be emotionally strong after the day her dad died as she had to perform immediately as Rizzo in Fox TV’s “Grease: Live”.

Despite the inner grief, Vanessa delivered a stellar performance which she said was dedicated to her father.

She said that her mother had to look for activities to keep her mind off her husband’s death and cope with the emotional pain.

“My mom had to find things to keep herself preoccupied, especially things that bring her joy. She goes line dancing two times a week, and she loves it,” she said.

Vanessa added that her father’s death has helped her and her mother to get closer and they even started a new tradition to remember Greg.

“Now, our tradition is going to my dad’s grave. We bring a blanket and catch up because it feels like he’s still a part of our lives just by sitting there with him. He’s buried at Forest Lawn.

“We were there the other day—just my mom and me. Out of nowhere, we heard a mariachi band. On the level above us was a tent and a group of 15 people and a full-on mariachi band. So I picked up my mom, and we started dancing together. It was a special sweet moment. It’s nice to keep my dad alive in our hearts,” she narrated.

Vanessa also revealed what she admires most about her parents.

“The thing that I took away the most from my parents is that they were married until the day that my dad passed away. I admire my parents’ tenacity to stay together, no matter what, because I saw them at their highs and lows.

“And the amount of time and money that they put in, so much driving back and forth to auditions, to make our dreams come true,” she said.

The actress also said that her mother would still take care of her like a typical Filipina mother. She said that Gina used to cook adobo and pancit, which are her favorite.

Photo credits: People Magazine

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