Last Filipina standing in “X Factor UK” gets booted out of competition

The latest episode of “The X Factor UK” was hard to watch for Filipinos as the last Filipina standing in the competition, Maria Laroco, has already ended her journey.

The 17-year-old singer was eliminated from the competition after she failed to secure a spot in the live shows. It was previously reported that Laroco failed to make it to her mentor, Simon Cowell’s, house due to being denied of a visa in the US.

After the Six-Chair Challenge, Cowell decided to fly the remaining contestant in the Girls Category to his house in Los Angeles, California for the Judges’ House round, wherein the contestants would go to their mentor’s house and perform in front of musical guests.

Due to her absence, Laroco makes a desperate plea to Cowell to keep her in the competition and put her through to the live shows.

She tried to persuade her mentor by sending a video message wherein she thanked Cowell for the opportunity and said that she is hoping that he will give her a chance.

After the deliberation, Cowell made a phone call to Laroco to announce the results. “The fact that you’ve gone this far is a real achievement. I think you are a brilliant, brilliant singer and a great person,” Cowell said during the phone call.

Then, Cowell broke the news that Laroco will no longer be continuing on in the competition. “I’m just gonna tell you, Maria. You didn’t make it. I hate telling you this in this manner. When you watch the show, you’ll understand how difficult this decision has been for me,” he said.

But before the call ended, Cowell told Laroco that she needs to come back in the next season of “The X Factor UK”.

“I’m not just saying this, but you have to come back again. Promise me you’ll come back,” Cowell said, to which Laroco replied, “Yeah, I do promise”.

Now that Laroco is out of the competition, the remaining contestants in the Girls Category are Bella Penfold, Shan, Molly Scott, and Scarlett Lee.

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