Michael Cinco is proud to be a Filipino designer after creating Kris Aquino’s gown in “Crazy Rich Asians”

UAE-based couturier Michael Cinco has already dressed up a lot of local and international celebrities in his career, but it was creating Kris Aquino’s yellow gown in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” that made him “proud to be a Filipino designer”.

In a report by James Gabrillo published on The National, the Filipino designer, who hailed from Samar, said that designing a dress for the Queen of All Media can be considered is one of the highlights of his career as a fashion designer even though he has already been known for dressing A-list celebrities like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

“While dressing up these famous international [stars] has really been a dream come true, dressing up one of the biggest celebrities from the Philippines gives me a different feeling – it makes me proud to be a Filipino designer,” The National quoted Cinco as saying.

In the same interview, Cinco also gave some in-depth details about the yellow gown he created for Aquino, who played a Malay princess named Intan in the film.

“I was given specifications by her stylists that her role in the movie will be a princess attending a lavish wedding. They asked me to create a yellow gown that will be fitting for her role,” Cinco said.

For her part, Aquino also thanked the UAE-based designer for creating her gown.

“This is the back shot of the gown I wore as Princess Intan in Crazy Rich Asians, created by Michael Cinco who originally came from Samar,” she wrote.

She also said that the appearing in the movie made her realize the greatest gift it give her which is to “make Filipinos feel good about [themselves] and [their] contribution to the global workforce”.

This is the back shot of the gown i wore as Princess Intan in @crazyrichasians, created by @michael5inco who originally came from #Samar… i chose this picture as my last post before we fly home because for the rest of my life i shall look back at the experience of being part of @crazyrichasians as a turning point… i felt when auditioning for this that there was absolutely nothing left to lose & whether i was included or not- i gave it my very best… seeing the proud, smiling faces of all our fellow Filipino Americans lining Hollywood Boulevard made me realize that the greatest gift this movie gave me was that it gave me that special opportunity to make us Filipinos feel good about ourselves & our contribution to the global workforce… There’s a point in the movie when Rachel (@constancewu) is told that she would never be “enough” -a part of my heart felt that many of us at one point in our lives have all been made to feel that BUT tonight’s premiere, walking down that imperial green carpet, in a yellow gown w/ a prominent yellow ribbon a lasting,meaningful symbol of sacrifice & the Filipino worth dying for, fighting for, and living for-made by a young Filipino designer @michaelleyva_ in his #Rizal workshop by Filipino cutters & sewers, wearing jewelry lent to me by @diagoldjewelry based in #Cebu, w/ makeup done by @rbchanco who traces her roots to #Laguna & #Masbate, and my hair styled by @pinantonio; i am this girl whose parents hail from #Tarlac, #Bulacan, and #Antipolo, w/ her son who can also trace his roots to the #Negros Region, watching myself on that big TCL Chinese theater screen w/ makeup done by #Bicolano @juansarte & hair by #Butuan born & raised @nantealingasa & @jonathanvelasco__ from #Quezon City, styled by Filipino Chinese @kimiyap & @boopyap, i felt we are SPECIAL because we are so generous with opening up our hearts… iba ang Filipino pag sumuporta at magmahal… Thank you for truly restoring my FAITH na #kaysarapmagingpilipino ??

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