Here’s how Nate reacted after finding out his Ninang Michelle is his dad’s ex-wife

The only son of singers Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez, Nate, proved that he is more mature and understanding beyond his young age after finding out that his dad was formerly married with his “Ninang Michelle”.

Alcasid revealed during the press conference of his upcoming concert titled “OA”, that Nate’s curiosity led him to discover that his father was previously married Michelle van Eimeren after searching for it on Google.

“Sabi niya ba naman sa nanay niya, ‘Mommy, Dad was married to Ninang Michelle!’ Sabi niyang ganun! Si Regine, parang, ‘Ha?! How did you know?’ ‘I googled it!’” PEP.ph quoted Alcasid as saying.

But what Alcasid did not expect, was that his son took the news lightly and positively.

“Tapos sabi namin, ’How do you feel?’ ‘I’m happy,’ sabi niya, ‘It’s okay!’ Ganun-ganun,” the singer said.

Velasquez and Alcasid said that they were planning to break the news to their son when he turns 10, which was supposed to be four years from now, so that he would be able to understand the situation better.

However, Nate started asking questions just like how his older sisters Leila and Sarah, Alcasid’s daughters from his previous marriage, look different from him.

After Nate found out the truth on his own, Alcasid shared the story to van Eimeren who was initially worried with her godson’s reaction.

Telling her ex-wife what happened, Alcasid said: “‘O, Nate knows already.’ Sabi niya, ‘Oh no! Is he okay?’ Kasi iyon ‘yung concern. ‘Yeah, he’s very happy!’ At least hindi na namin kailangang sabihin pa sa kanya. Ginoogle niya, e.”

Alcasid and van Eimeren remained good friends after their marriage was annulled in 2007. The Australian beauty queen is also now happily married with her current husband Mark Marrow.


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