LOOK: Jed Madela apologizes for “insulting” Britney Spears

Filipino fans of American pop star Britney Spears were offended after Filipino singer Jed Madela made a remark about her on the talent show “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season 2”.

During the fourth week of the singing competition aired on ABS-CBN, contestant Krystal Brimner was assigned to impersonate and perform as the famous American singer.

Brimner sang Spears’ Grammy-nominated hit song “Oops!… I Did It Again” while donning the singer’s iconic red jumpsuit.

However, prior to Brimner’s performance, fans of Spears called out judge Jed Madela for his comments about Spear’s voice.
Madela, who also stands as the voice mentor of the contestants, told Brimner that in order to copy Spears’ voice, she would need to sound like “a duck, a frog, and a goat.”

“Okay, you’re talented, [Jed Madela] but why say that about Britney? I know you’re just joking but it fired something on B-Army, they (we) got offended. Disappointed,” one netizen said.

Madela quickly replied to the netizen by saying that his remarks were only meant to help the contestant imitate Spears’s distinctive nasal-sounding “baby voice” better.

“Hello! Uy, I’m sorry! Please don’t get me wrong. I, too, am a Britney fan since day one until now. It was a way of making the kid easily understand how to switch her voice. Didn’t mean anything bad. Sorry ulit kung na-offend kayo,” Madela wrote.

Many other netizens called Madela. The singer also replied and apologized to some of them.


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