Top 17 Ethel Booba’s witty #charotism tweets


That is Ethel Booba’s trademark when she posts her thoughts on Twitter. But behind every “Charot” that Ethel blurts out online is a slight hint of truth that many can agree on.

Comedian Ethel is famous online for her witty tweets that indirectly takes jabs at certain issues.
She is also a best-selling author for her book titled “#Charotism” which is filled with her straightforward opinions on social matters.

Here are some of her best recent tweets:

1. When she revealed the importance of fake news

2. When she did not consider “car washing” as a talent

3. When she aired her opinion on parenting

4. When she reinforced the quote “do not judge a book by its cover”

5. When she silenced one certain basher

6. When she made everyone realize the importance of using Google for fact checking

7. When she slammed Mocha Puson’s definition of “Dengvaxia”

8. When she educated every Filipino about democracy

9. When she suggested a smart way to control the proliferation of fake news

10. When she enumerated the ideal qualities of a man

11. When she revealed what it takes to be a true Filipino

12. When she expressed her concern towards Filipino nurses

13. When she decided to be the country’s next representative to Miss Universe

14. When she gave tips on online dating

15. When she taught everyone how to manage their anger issues

16. When she revealed the effects of political tension to geography

17. When she suggested a new qualification for those who would like to run for a political position

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