Hayden Kho reveals his biggest fear before Scarlet Snow was born

Hayden Kho admitted that he became paranoid before the birth of his first daughter with his wife Dra. Vicki Belo.

The 37-year-old celebrity cosmetic doctor said that he is a very hands-on father to Scarlet Snow especially now that her daughter is starting to get brand deals, reported PUSH.

Scarlet Snow, 3, was launched as the newest endorser of a local cake and pastry shop in the Philippines.

“It took us two half-days of four hours each. One afternoon and one morning and that’s about it. She definitely enjoyed including all the chocolate cakes. It was the part after the shoot where you have to explain to the child what that meant di ba na why she was smiling, acting, laughing, and the concept of acting,” Kho said.

“Fortunately, this girl gets it. She saw the camera and saw the commercial. She knows it’s for the commercial. So hindi na masyado kailangan ng explanation,” Kho added during his daughter’s endorsement launch last March 2.

Aware that the public eye will be on his daughter, Kho also admitted that even before Scarlet Snow was born, he was worried that anonymous accounts would use Scarlet’s name that could affect his dear daughter.

“Before Scarlet was born medyo paranoid and skeptic ako, very protective. So what I did was I reserved all the names like Scarlet Snow and Scarlet Snow Belo on social media accounts that are popular like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and pati yung mga emails kinuha ko na yung mga names just to protect her from identity theft.

“Kasi I know of a child who became a star and the little boy didn’t have his own social media account pero he became popular. But someone else opened an account for him and then may mga pictures and mga posts and then this account started getting gifts and donations, started selling ads and then it’s not the real person so I didn’t want that to happen to Scarlet so I just wanted to protect her,” he explained.

Kho and Belo initially did not want to make Scarlet Snow an online personality, but now their daughter has her own verified Instagram account with over 2 million followers.

“With no plans naman to open the [Instagram] account until she’s aware that there is social media [that] exists, but when Vicki accidentally announced on CNN that she was born and that she’s here and we have a baby, I thought that I’ll take control na kesa ibang tao mag-gawa ng bagong account and yun yung akala ng mga tao na tunay na account so ako na lang.

“Might as well take control. But what I realize about social media is that it’s not going to go away. It’s here to stay. The question is what kind of message will you put out through your social media? Scarlet eventually at 11 or 12 or 13 she’ll start asking. For us we decided that we’re only going to post about faith, family, friendship, all positive stuff, compassion, love, tenderness, and all that,” he explained.

Scarlet Snow also recently celebrated her third birthday with a dinosaur-themed party.

Mommy and I. Our matching style is like a wink and a smile.? [email protected]

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