Money-saving tips for travelers heading to Paris, Germany or Switzerland

Paris, Germany, and Switzerland have one thing in common – they’re amongst the top countries that many expats, OFWs included, would want to travel to especially as living in the UAE makes it easier to get a travel visa! AFC Holidays suggests these quick tips for travelers specific for each country, especially for those heading there for the first time.

Paris Travel Tip: Public Transport would save you money

With many different landmarks to explore at France’s capital, the urge to just go and grab a taxi or an Uber every time is very tempting. However, it would be more pocket-friendly to opt for public transportation so that not only will you get to save money, you’ll also experience what it’s like to be a resident by way of their daily transport!

Germany Travel Tip: Bring Cash instead of Card

While majority of Dubai and the UAE’s shops have already transitioned to purely digital payments through cards or event tap-to-pay, Germany is quite the opposite as most of their establishments still require cash – so be sure to have your dirhams or dollars exchanged for their local currency: the Euro.

Switzerland Travel Tip: Don’t hesitate to ask

Tour escorts are the experts when it comes to finding the best places to shop! If you want to enjoy while not spending too much on all the good stuff that you will find in Switzerland, ask your tour escorts and they will definitely lead you to the most budget-friendly places.

What’s even better is that if you’re planning to travel to these three countries soon, AFC Holidays has all-inclusive group trips with full itineraries to make sure you maximize your stay! Group trips come with a free visa and a professional tour manager who is ready to respond to any of your queries, making travel easier and more enjoyable for you.

AFC Holidays has several branches across the UAE with their head office located at Al Khaleej Building, #103 Al Karama in Dubai. They are also reachable through their number 600 569 007, on WhatsApp at 050 107 9694 and through email at [email protected]




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