Not yet safe to return to schools – 4 in 5 teachers worldwide

Around four in five teachers across the globe think it is not yet safe for students to go to school due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a poll revealed.
In a poll conducted on 4,000 teachers from 33 countries by organizers of global teaching conference called T5, educators expressed concern about the welfare of the children—with 40 percent of them saying the resumption of classes poses health risks to students and their families.
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In addition, only eight percent of the teachers have graded their governments ‘A’ for their efficient crisis response. In the UK, all of the educators condemned the response of the government regarding the pandemic.
“For the first time in recent history, we have a common phenomenon that has impacted the way we all live and work. As difficult as this has been, it provides us with a real opportunity to share and learn and progress together,” The National quoted T5 organizer Vikas Pota as saying.
Earlier, the United Nations has estimated that around 1.3 billion students worldwide have been affected by the shutting down of schools due to COVID-19.
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