Dubai specifies cinema seat allocations, protocols for reopening

Dubai residents may now watch the latest international movies on the big screen across cinemas in the emirate as Dubai Economy has announced the reopening of both outdoor and indoor 2D cinemas.
Under the updated protocols and guidelines, all moviegoers will undergo contactless temperature screening and should wear masks all throughout the screening.
Those planning to watch the cinema should expect that they will not be seated together, as guidelines state that both horizontal and vertical social distancing will be applied. This means that 2 seats will be allocated per each customer, and that all seats in the aisles will be empty in each row. In addition, every alternate row will be empty as well.
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Cinemas are expected to place clear floor markings to ensure social distancing measures and similar to mall restrictions, children below 12 years of age, elderly above 60 as well as those with chronic health conditions will not be allowed inside the cinema.
Both 3D and 4D movies will not be allowed until further notice.
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Here are the guidelines for ticket and F&B selling within cinemas:
• Frequency of shows to be reduced to allow sufficient time for effective sanitization post completion of each show [a minimum of 20-30 minutes be allocated for cleaning between shows and cleaning process to be in line with DM guidelines] • Physical counters for ticket / F&B sales to have one row open and one row closed to ensure social distancing
• Encourage pre-booking & online tickets with contactless check-in through bar codes (online ticket yet cash payments are allowed
• Ticket selling counters to open one row and close one to ensure distancing
• Touch screens to view movies or sell tickets to be closed
• No movies promotional booklets to be distributed to customers
• F&B is permitted inside movie halls.
• All F&B items in any type of cinema (including in dining) should be served in disposable single-use containers/utensils/cups.
• Consider serving food in smaller size portions intended mainly for individual consumption, and to avoid sharing as much as possible.
• Restaurants, cafes and food stands to follow necessary guidelines for the sector
• Providing blankets in (gold, platinum, VIP) cinema is not allowed
• Massage chairs offered within cinema vicinity should not be allowed
• All cinema halls to run movies with 15 minutes internal gap. i.e.
Screen 1 movie start 10:00am, Screen 2 movie start 10:15am

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