Filipina shares experience as sole flight passenger

A Filipina experienced a Christmas Eve to remember after having the entire plane for herself for being the sole passenger of a flight from Davao to Manila flight on December 24.

Louisa Erispe shared on Facebook that to her surprise, she was the only passenger of a Philippines Airlines flight.

“Hindi ko alam kung anong ibig sabihin or kung ano dapat kong isipin but I’ll be flying alone tonight sa plane. No other passenger, ako lang,” Erispe said.

One of Erispe’s selfies show several rows of vacant seats on the background while another photo showed the Filipina with the crew of the flight.

Erispe added that she was nervous before the plane took off but eventually felt comfortable even switching seats from time to time.

Erispe also thanked Philippine Airlines for still pushing through with the flight despite her being the sole passenger.


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