DOLE to employers: Issue payslips

Companies that are not issuing pay slips to their workers may face raps for violation of labor laws, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said on Monday.

DOLE Undersecretary Dominador Say revealed that they have received complaints that workers were not being issued pay slips making it difficult to verify if their social security contributions were deducted from their wages.

“This is their right. Regardless of their work status, casual or regular employees, job designation, and rate of wages, they are entitled to receive pay slips from their employers. This will be the proof of their wages, and if they are being paid properly by their employers,” he said in a statement.

Say noted that they are not only after the non-issuance of pay slips but also paying employees below the minimum range of wages, non-remittance of Social Security System (SSS) contributions and other social benefit contributions.

“We encourage the workers to report non-compliant employers. What we can do is we can coordinate with SSS or concerned DOLE offices, which can directly send a notice of compliance to the employers, explain them the law, and order them to pay and strictly abide by the rules,” the DOLE official said.

He explained that the process being conducted by Labor Laws Compliance Officers (LLCO) during inspections where they first ask employees of their pay slips for them to check the rates being deducted from their workers’ wages and whether they remit their employees’ social security contributions.

“With their pay slips, we can determine if they are being paid properly. They are all entitled to get social benefits under the law, including overtime and holiday premiums, as well as additional pay for work done on their rest days. Workers have the right to know this and the government, the labor department requires this process,” Say added.

The labor official pointed out that even domestic workers or “kasambahay” has the right to be issued with pay slip in accordance with Republic Act No. 10361 – Section 26, which states: “The employer shall at all times provide the domestic worker with a copy of the pay slip containing the amount paid in cash every pay day, and indicating all deductions made.”

In the case of a worker’s dismissal, Say stressed that employers can only dismiss a worker under the reasons of authorized causes, such as retrenchment, bankruptcy, redundancy, and with due process. The separation pay will also depend on the reason for dismissal should an employee will receive the one-half month or one month per total years of service to the company.

He also advised workers with queries and complaints to immediately report or visit the nearest SSS or DOLE Regional offices in their area or they may call DOLE Hotline 1349 where their concerns can be assisted.

“I would like to make a clear message to our Filipino workers: know your rights. We are here to help. If you have complaints, visit our regional offices and we will assist you in filing cases to your employers and assure you of your identity’s confidentiality,” Say added.

Newly established companies and employers with questions regarding general labor standards are also encouraged to visit the nearest DOLE regional offices so that they can be trained and briefed on properly providing their employees with social security benefits and others requisites of the law. (Ferdinand G. Patinio/PNA)

photo credit: LBC Express


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