WATCH: UAE deploys K9 dogs to sniff out COVID-19 patients at airports after pioneering experiment


The UAE has achieved another milestone in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 to ensure the safety of the community with the successful use of police K9 dogs at airports.

This method makes the UAE a pioneering country in terms of using K9 dogs in COVID-19 detection after a successful experiment carried out by the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with various experts and government health agencies.

Practical application has been preceded by the necessary studies and meetings, in addition to brainstorming workshops and cooperation with a number of countries and experts.

High-speed sampling or non-invasive measures were employed to gather samples from the armpits of presumed cases.

An MoI statement said: “Samples are then sniffed out by the dogs without coming in contact with the persons, while results become known on the spot. K9 police dogs are also used traditionally in securing and monitoring events and sensitive facilities.”

This is considered an additional line of defense that can enhance both the security and safety of passengers at airport with the gradual return and opening of more international airports and the increasing number of flights.

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