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Sharjah nurseries receive 446 extra seats as more children enroll

Sharjah nurseries received 446 extra seats for the month of July as the region welcomes newly enrolled children.

This was announced by His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, who also provided the said seats.

According to H.H. Sheikh Sultan, there were 1,335 current seats available. “We now have 1,335 available places, some in newly built nurseries and some in older nurseries, for children who have grown up and are transitioning to kindergarten,” he said.

However, Sharjah nurseries received 1,781 enrollees, which is why they needed the 446 extra seats. “As a result, we require an extra 446 seats, which we will provide this month and next, God willing, by creating new nurseries,” he added.

H.H. Sheikh Sultan also noted that Sharjah nurseries are not only for keeping children safe but also for providing them with a ‘highly elaborate curriculum.’

“We did not develop this curriculum alone; we collaborated with peers from Europe. The role of caring for and educating children in these nurseries is not haphazard; it is a precise, scientific, and educational endeavor,” H.H. Sheikh Sultan said.

“The child who graduates from these nurseries has a strong personality, confidence, and the capacity to talk freely and clearly. As a result, everyone wants to enroll their children in these nurseries,” he added.

His Highness also said that they are going to build more nurseries and guarantee seats to all children who will be enrolling in the future.

Camille Quirino

Camille Quirino is a Junior Writer at The Filipino Times, passionate about sharing the stories of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). She previously contributed to Magic 89.9 and various TV productions and finds fulfillment in crafting compelling narratives that shed light on the experiences of OFWs. Outside of work, Camille enjoys playing the ukulele and meeting new people to hear their stories. She believes everyone has a unique narrative worth sharing and is dedicated to capturing these stories in her writing. Reach Camille at [email protected].

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