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120 donors from diverse nationalities join Dubai Police’s blood donation campaign

Photo courtesy: Dubai Police

Donors from diverse nationalities participated in the blood donation campaign of Dubai Police, with 120 participants joining in.

The “Every Drop Counts” campaign was launched to encourage voluntary blood donation within the community, Fatima Buhajeer, Director of the Positive Spirit Council, said.

“Officers, non-commissioned officers, civilians, and individuals from diverse backgrounds participated in the blood donation campaign, recognizing it as a national duty,” Buhajeer said.

Buhajeer also underscored the importance of joining humanitarian initiatives in maintaining public health.

“This benefits the donors and those in need and reinforces the culture of social solidarity, voluntary work, and the noble humanitarian goals of strengthening community partnerships,” Buhajeer said.

The volunteers from Positive Spirit Council also emphasized the health benefits of blood donation, such as boosting the circulatory system, lowering blood pressure and reducing headaches, and enhancing one’s overall well-being.

Medical examinations and recommendations were also provided to the donors to ensure their well-being, the agency said.

The Dubai Police, with Al Qusais Police Station, the Positive Spirit Council, and the Dubai Police Health Centre, collaborated with Navi Sports Club to organize the campaign.

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