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UAE’s first two astronauts complete spacewalk training at NASA

The UAE’s first two astronauts have finished their training at Nasa to prepare for spacewalks.

Hazza Al Mansouri, the first Emirati to go to space, and Sultan Al Neyadi, who was a reserve astronaut for the landmark journey on the International Space Station (ISS) have completed their first year of training at Nasa’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas.

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Their 30-month training also involved performing spacewalks outside the ISS to carry out maintenance work as part of an astronaut’s duty on the floating laboratory.

The astronauts learnt how to perform spacewalks at Nasa’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, the world’s largest indoor swimming pool which is 12 metres deep and holds 2.4 million litres of water.

In the mock-up of the ISS beneath the pool astronauts spend more than six hours each time while wearing 115-kilogram extravehicular activity suits. (AW)

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